Robyn Ladwig is an entirely self taught artist living in Jackson, MI. In addition to her studio work, her art can be found in many Galleries throughout the Midwest

Prior to living in Michigan, she was born and raised in south Florida, where she developed a love for the ocean and the natural world of the South. As a Michigan based artist, her work focuses on aerial coastline paintings created in acrylic and epoxy resin. Bringing her love of the natural world to canvas, it allows her to explore different mediums of texture and movement in each piece.

I have had an interest in art my entire life. My work is in essence a reflection of the peace and joy that I find in the ocean and the many different waterways of the South and Midwest. My objective is to produce, via an aerial view, a powerful visual emotion. I achieve this by creating coastlines with undulating waves, serene Midwestern lakes on a lazy day, as well as other water inspired scenes. I have always felt most at home when in the presence of water, and I want to bring that peace to those who view my work.

Through a technique that I have cultivated over a couple years, I strive to create a visual representative of the ebb and flow of a tide. By using epoxy resin, I’ve grown in my favorite technique, fluid art, in order to achieve the ideas that swirl around in my creativity

Robyn Ladwig has added a custom line of Handmade Beach Scene jewelry, she uses sand from many popular beaches and regions, or, any sand from around the world, to create these one-of-a-kind pieces, which incorporate the colors, of the water and surf. Additionally, Robyn has been commissioned to create custom beach scenes from as far away as the French Polynesian to the sands of the Holy Lands of Israel and Jordan. She has also been commissioned to create pieces from memories of Honeymoon Beaches, Memorial Beaches and of course favorite childhood vacation beaches.